Friday, April 29, 2016

Catfish Bait Fishing Strategies

Fishing is an art in itself to exercise patience. There are various spots that can be selected for game fishing. Getting a fish is not only luck factor alone, but it takes several techniques for fishing coupled with impan telling. Each species of fish basically have different feed each other. An understanding of bait used become an important thing to be learned for the angler either beginner or already an expert.

Catfish is a species of fish that have patil weapons. Catfish belong to the species of fish yng agile and like to live clustered are widely cultivated. If you want memncing type of catfish, it requires some accurate feedback to lure the fish grabbed the fishing rod. Question any sniper bait fishing catfish? Listen to the discussion below!

Here's Bait Catfish Fishing Strategies

Bait Catfish 1

The worm is one of the sniper bait fishing for catfish. Catfish are very like worms that live in the area of ??rice fields. You can use the worms that live in the area of ??rice fields for fishing catfish. To use it you can use worms 2 to 5 individuals in your hook fishing for catfish in order to grab your fishing rod. Just like fishing other fish species, keep the bait alive. Therefore, attach the tail section of the worm on your fishing rod.

Catfish Bait 2

Accurate feedback catfish second is to use a combination of several types of bait such as shrimp, egg yolks, fish pellet-type of 1000, garlic, anchovy fish meal and shrimp meal too. Combine all the above ingredients one by one by adding water. Try not too look for in order to be attached to the hook bait. After all the ingredients mixed all, then shaping it roundly and attached to the hook.

Catfish Bait 3

Sniper bait fishing catfish third by using crickets. In addition to using bait above, you can also use crickets as bait. Crickets that you use should not be too large in size. When the water in the cold, you can burn the crickets in advance to create a distinctive smell, so it will make a catfish become more interested.

Jitu Catfish Bait 4

In addition to using crickets, you could also use small frogs as bait. Not only worms, and crickets are a meal of catfish but also with small frogs. You can catch small frogs in the rice fields to be used as bait for catfish. All you need to remember also for the type of bait that you can use should the size is not too big frog.

Chicken meat

Berikutny accurate feedback is chicken. For those of you who happen to have a supply of chicken meat, then you can take a bit to be used as bait. For how to use as bait is not too difficult, you can steam the chicken first. Then shredded chicken meat into small pieces to be paired on a fishing hook. Make sure the chicken is attached to the hook properly.

Thus was some sniper bait fishing for catfish. For another accurate feedback that you can use like a kind of small fish, chicken intestines, or can also use a grasshopper.


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